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"Art does not describe the visible, it makes visible".

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4 May 2024. Art therapy workshop with Rose. Brussels. So'ham.

ART Therapist and facilitator of expression & creativity workshops, Rose's journey has taken her from : graphic designer, preschool teacher / psychomotricity teacher to art
 visual communication to liberating artistic expression, art, symbolism, metaphore to life's well being transformation, human, movement, pedagogy to CREATIVITY.

"Expression relieves, creation transforms".


In this group workshop, I'll be offering you individual creative activities to help you (re)discover yourself, change perspective and put some mouvement back & thus move towards greater well-being.

Art therapy enables you to :

  • SHED LIGHT ON AND TRANSFORM. Some events in life shake us deeply; a situation, illness, accident, the loss of a loved one, a job, a difficult life transition can destabilize us.
→ Creation allows us to reveal what we're feeling deep down inside, and to bring it into LIGHT so that we can transform it to rebuild ourselves.
  • JOURNEY INTO THE UNCONSCIOUS. Sometimes we repeat behaviors and patterns without realizing it. In fact, much of our lives are governed by our unconscious.
→ By creating, we externalize. In a way creations are a reflection of what we live consciously or unconsciously. Creation thus becomes a material support on which we can act in order to move towards greater well-being.
  • EXPRESS DIFFERENTLY. Sometimes words fail to express what ails us.
→ Creative expression provides another means of accessing those parts of the brain that are not accessible through verbal communication, which is useful for healing from trauma.

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  • Duration: 2h
  • Materials: All creative materials are provided.
  • Price: €30 for 1 person, 50€ for 2 people.
  • NO PREREQUISITES: you DO NOT need to be able to draw, nor have any particular problem with verbal expression.
  • Confidential, secure and non-judgmental environment guaranteed