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Frequently asked questions

  1. Which outfit should I wear for the course ?
    Yoga is practiced barefoot. Preferably wear clothing close to the body (pantyhose, leggings, shorts).
  2. Can I eat before class ?
    It is best not to eat before class. Allow 3 hours
    digestion after one hearty meal and 1 to 2 hours for a snack.
  3. Should I bring a mat ?
    It is not necessary because the room is fully equipped.
  4. I'm overweight / stiff / not in very good physical condition,
    Is yoga suitable for me?
    Everyone can practice yoga at any age. Basic postures are
    available to each and are taught gradually. You will
    benefit from a new strength and a new energy.
  5. I am flexible and physically fit, do I follow the beginners
    course ?
    To understand the fundamentals and basic principles of
    Yoga, it is important to start the beginners course.
    The advanced courses are for those who have a
    minimum experience of two years of practice and are able to do Sirsasana against the wall.
  6. Yoga, is it advisable during menstruation ?
    Yes. The practice of certain postures of relaxation are also
    indicated during menstruation. They help relieve backpain, cramps etc. ...
  7. I'm pregnant, can I practice yoga?
    Yes from the 14th week of pregnancy.
  8. Can I practice in case of injury, health problem?
    It is asked to everyone, when one starts a beginner course,
    to report ones health problems (scoliosis, problems of the
    joints, operations etc ...). In this way, the student receives
    specific recommendations that can help treat the problem
    especially during practice.
  9. What are the fees?
    see our prices
  10. Where can I buy yoga equipment?
    See the links