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Viviane Gutlerner

"My body is my temple and
my postures are my prayers!”
Sri BKS Iyengar

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Viviane's teaching

Besides the Iyengar hatha yoga method by itself, known for accuracy at all levels, with progressive improvements and for its therapeutic aspects, Viviane Gutlerner willingly shares her discoveries, experiences and knowledge in the field of personal development. These different views allow an opening to a more spiritual path of yoga, complementary to the physical approach.

"I want to help raise awareness among students about the importance of centering and anchoring to the earth - physical, emotional and mental – while staying connected to the universe.
So that one day we’ll arrive- on the Middle Path - to meet or to find that moment when we can make and be the posture at the same time! "

On top of that with lightness and joy: the sweetness of the opening of the heart!
Or as rightly said by Sri BKS Iyengar: "My body is my temple and my postures are my prayers!”

Testimonies (see more in FR & NL)

  • Thank you very much for having me in your school. Even though I couldn't have many lessons from Viviane but I could meet wonderful teachers Anne and François.I was always looking forward to your beautiful and peaceful place on every Monday. I hope I will be able to find the good teacher in Japan, Mitsuko


  • Since I started practicing yoga, I pay more attention to my posture and I have less back problems. Dr Caroline Bertonneau.
  • Viviane is a good gardener. Every session she gets rid of weeds and encourages the growth of the essential. No way will you be in the wrong position, she sees all the things that are not right, and corrects you immediately. She does this in a very accurate manner, and with a great sense of humour. And so no small bad habits can grow, which gives you the freedom to grow into the poses! Christel
  • I miss your yoga classes! I still haven't found a teacher as good as you in Australia... Keelie
  • Thanks to Viviane, I have learnt to live my body differently. With her character, a strange mixing of strength and sweetness, she finds the way to teach us to be aware of our possibilities and to understand that most of the physical constraints are only in our heads. She encourages us to always go a little bit farther, while respecting the limits of each one.She is very flexible and has no problem at all adapting right-away her instructions to the specific circumstances.I am happy to be introduced to the yoga Iyengar by her. Eva
  • Viviane has a lot of qualities I find important to learn and progress in Yoga Iyengar. Amongst her skills, there is a deep sense of humanity, a strong personality and the passing on of her knowledge with generosity, clarity, enthusiasm and great joy. Being constantly on the path of learning, she follows various trainings dealing with the vast sphere of yoga and afterwards shares with pleasure her experiences, which makes the courses richer. By just expressing some ideas or forceful sentences (I particularly remember this one: "suffering is optional"), she adds her own creative touch and makes us work outside the sessions. The choice she made to teach to small groups, has a lot of benefits. She can easily detect the weaknesses of students and correct them; thus giving better care to the pupils. Critical and firm, she "irradiates" a deep positive attitude from which one can extract some "rays" in his daily life. Well, each 90 minutes' session with Viviane is a real "trip" out of time. Shanti shanti body and brain feel more in peace! A precious gift offered by a passionate and yoga devoted woman! Anna
  • I have been following Viviane's yoga classes for the past five years. As my first teacher, she inspired in me a real love for yoga and has continued to feed the flame over the years. What I appreciate the most about her teaching is her creativity and her ability to explain and approach postures from several different angles. She is a gifted communicator and very generous in her teaching. Finally, I would add that she brings her own special - and abundant - energy to every class. Sarah
  • Viviane has opened my eyes to a different way of looking at yoga - to be challenging as well as relaxing. I know that she will make a success of any new venture she chooses to undertake ". Karen
  • A few words about my story to illustrate what I have benefitted from Viviane's pedagogic gift. I used to be a nurse, my interest was in the body, its health, but it was very fragmented. For 10 years, I worked with "Médecins sans frontières", where it is impossible to think of oneself. My interest in the body in movement then led me to attend classes in Arts of Circus, a world of endurance and challenge, a fight with one's own body. Years passing, body and mind manifest themselves… and one becomes aware of the link between both. The body is a global being, not addressing it in its integrity, makes it suffer. Yoga is a magnificent tool to gain a certain inner peace. Thank you Viviane for having shown me this evidence, through your energy, your sense of humor. Your constant research is noticeable because it gets out of all dogmatisms. You leave doors open to all. You take care of the wellbeing of all. Delphine